• What version do I need ?
    Hold NAVI and SET for 5 seconds, then go to VERSION INDICATION.
    You'll see something like this:
    Version ScreenVersion Screen
    The interesting parts are Loader and Application
    In the case of the above picture, the required version is NR261EM.00003110 or later
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  • Where is my purchase?
    If you have purchased a patch, the system will automatically email you a link when it is ready
    If you have not received an email within half an hour, check your spam folder/filters
    Some email clients seem to tag anything with an embedded URL as spam
    If it hasn't been spamfiled, then click the Contact link below, and let us know.
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  • I put the disc in, and nothing happened.
    Check to make sure you purchased the correct image ( Particularly the Region (EM/UM/JM) )
    If you're sure you did, try forcing a manual upgrade:
    Hold NAVI and SET for 5 seconds, then go to VERSION INDICATION.
    Hold MENU for 5 seconds.
    Select DISK in the window that appears.
    Note: If you're using a Mac, it's possible you're burning as HFS, rather than true ISO9660.
    Read this for more info.
    Apparently, Finder can be used successfully.
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  • I installed the serial coded image on a friend's unit and now it won't boot.
    The images are coded for one unit, and one unit only.
    You'll need to attach the unit's hard drive to a PC and replace the loading.kwi with the standard one.
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  • What serial number should I use?
    You have two options:
    Hard Drive Serial
    Unit Serial
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  • I can't find my drive serial number
    Your hard drive serial number is printed on the drive.
    It is of the format "S/N XXXXXXXX"
    Hard DriveHard Drive
    BE AWARE: The font Toshiba use for serial numbers makes it pretty impossible to differentiate the letter 'O' from a number '0'.
    Download a barcode reader app for your phone - the big barcode in the middle contains the serial number *and* revision details.
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  • I can't find my unit serial number
    To find your unit Serial Number:
    Hold SET and NAVI for 5 seconds.
    Hold MENU for 5 seconds.
    Look under "Serial Number Information"
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  • My Serial Number is Blank!
    There have been reports of units with no details in the Serial Number Information Screen
    I'm currently trying to find out why.
    Those details should have been set in the factory.
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